Tuesday, 9 November 2010


For this year I will be part of Andy's group working on 'The Deep'. I am also going to be doing work for Kofi's film 'Heroes 1.0' (mainly character modelling).

My roles for the groups are:

Andy's film : Conceptual Artist/Modeller/ UV mapper/ (possibly texturing & rigging)/Lighting & Rendering.

Kofi's film : Character Modeller & UV mapper

As you can see I am going to be focusing on my specialisms as well as branching out into other areas, I am very keen on lighting and rendering, and I hope to possibly get into rigging provided I learn enough of it during this term through Dan's unit. I am excited about what is ahead of us and I have faith that my groups will be able to produce work of a high standard. (If I get through all my work on time, I may be able to help out other groups, but that is a just a possibility at this moment in time).

Let the madness commence!

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