Wednesday, 27 April 2011

Frank UV Mapped

Chris Caldow from 'Patience' had asked me if I would be able to UV map their character for them, as they were in desperate need of the model being rigged so getting the UV maps sorted for texturing had to be done asap. The model came with a few props/mainly clothing so I started by unwrapping the body and the moving onto the clothing. I mainly used automatic mapping, and the selected specific sections of the meshes which I would then unwrap again for a cleaner shell and easier handling of the UVs. As mentioned previously this has become my standard workflow for unwrapping, and as sad as it is, I still thoroughly enjoy UV mapping.

Final Camera Textures

I was asked by Andy (director of 'The Deep') to texture the camera that the child would be using throughout the film. Once again, seeing as this is quite a small prop and looking through the storyboards, I decided to keep the textures relatively simple and stylised. I unwrapped the camera in maya, grouping together individual meshes, so that they could share the same UV space ( I also grouped together parts of the camera that shared the same material).

The top image is a picture I used a reference as I thought it would suit the model well, going for an overall brown tone with yellow/gold hinges/accessories. I used a metal/bronze texture for the main part of the camera, and then I went in and manually painted in the dirt/grime details. The hinges and smaller pieces were just coloured using a simple blinn shader with fractal node plugged into it. It achieved a good effect. Once this was done I passed the asset over to Andy who was happy with it.

New Uv map for heroes child

The head of the child had been changed, mainly due to aesthetic reasons so it had to be remapped in order for a texture to be created and applied. Kofi and Clym had gone through a few tweaks for the kids head, and as a result it needed unwrapping. I had a look at the map, and I did try to tweak what was left of the original, but decided it was taking too long and came to the conclusion I should just redo it. In all I think I spent maybe 20mins redoing it, which is good and promptly sent the file Kofi's way. I feel like I have defintely had a good amount of practice with UV mapping so far this year, and as result I think im getting much faster and more efficient.