Wednesday, 27 April 2011

Final Camera Textures

I was asked by Andy (director of 'The Deep') to texture the camera that the child would be using throughout the film. Once again, seeing as this is quite a small prop and looking through the storyboards, I decided to keep the textures relatively simple and stylised. I unwrapped the camera in maya, grouping together individual meshes, so that they could share the same UV space ( I also grouped together parts of the camera that shared the same material).

The top image is a picture I used a reference as I thought it would suit the model well, going for an overall brown tone with yellow/gold hinges/accessories. I used a metal/bronze texture for the main part of the camera, and then I went in and manually painted in the dirt/grime details. The hinges and smaller pieces were just coloured using a simple blinn shader with fractal node plugged into it. It achieved a good effect. Once this was done I passed the asset over to Andy who was happy with it.

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