Monday, 31 January 2011

Kid (with eyebrows)

A shot of the kid now with actual eyebrows. I forgot to add them before and was reminded by Ben, cheers dude!

Shots of finished Kid model

Right so here are shots of the finished kid model. I am somewhat satisfied with it, the modelling is quite simplistic and there are basic loops in place. I showed the model to Clym and passed him a copy, he said its all good for rigging and he might make a few tweaks to the shape. You can see the comparison between the original 2D concept by Andy and the finished 3D model. As visible, there are changes in the shape because the original shape was'nt quite working in 3D space so they were altered as necessary. Next up will be to UV map this model (oh and add eyebrows, lol)

Making of Kid

Here is an image showing the development of the child within Maya. It was quite a simple process, using cylinders, spheres and planes. I have left the pieces separate as it allowed for quick, clean meshes and Clym said that is fine for his rigging too.

Wednesday, 26 January 2011

Work on Kid started

I have started the model for the Kid. I am only using Maya for it as the design is very simple and requires no detail to be added in Zbrush, nor any normal mapping. I will then uv map the model and possibly texture (this is yet to be confirmed with Andy). While modelling I have been using this video of 'Lost & Found' as reference as the main character from that film and the kid in our film have very similar appearances :

Tuesday, 25 January 2011

Talk with Andy - Next model

After returning to uni from the christmas break I spoke to Andy about what to do. He said not to worry about the baby eel for the moment as it is not final and might not make the final story. We then discussed the next model for me, he wanted me to work on the Kraken but due to a phobia of Octopus I simply can not do it. He then asked me to work on the child, either fix his current version or start from scratch. So I will go ahead and work on the child for now.