Wednesday, 24 November 2010

Final model( no textures) - Maya Viewport shots -

Heres the final model inside of maya with the normal map. This model consists of 14k polys and one 2k normal map. There seems to be an issue with not all the details from the original model in zbrush coming through in the normal map but that is quite minor. The eyes are placeholders for the time being as I need to decide how I want to go about getting the final look ( extra pieces for reflections, etc) but the teeth however, are final. I have not decided how I will texture those, either with PS or straight in maya with layered shaders. I will discuss with Andy and see what he thinks. I need to show this to the rest of the grp and get their thoughts on what I have done.

I will get the textures made soon as I first need to discuss some stuff with Andy before I move ahead any further. O and I have passed this model onto Clym aswell as some extra bits so that he will be able to get rigging whenever hes ready to.

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