Monday, 16 May 2011

Shot_30 - Hands_SSS

Here is a quick step by step of how I handled the animated scene for lighting. Since Kofi had asked me to use a SSS shader for the hands, I had to create a specific light setup to make sure it was correctly illuminated. I used 3 spot lights and after a lot of tweakin on the SSS shader (subdermal, epidermal, back scatter layers) I got to a decent result. I could only go so far, as Kofi wanted to light the environment, so once I set that all up I passed the files to him. I also textured the TNT box, making sure the 'TNT' was clear and visible for the shot, so the viewer could quickly identify the scenario. I UV mapped in maya, then went into Photoshop and quickly created the texture. After showing it to my director, I got the greenlight and received good feedback.


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