Monday, 16 May 2011

Shot 30 - Hands

Here is a step by step of how I created the posed hands for Shot 30. I spoke to Kofi about this shot, and since the hands are simply pushing down onto the detonator we both agreed that I would build the hands, pose them in Zbrush and then animate them simply in Maya. In the end however I decided it would be better to create a quick rig for the hands in maya, as I felt quite confident and also decided I could utilise the skills I learnt in term one during Dan's unit. So I simply created a decent enough model of a hand, created the skeleton, bound it to the skin, and painted the weights for the fingers. I found this quite fun and, out of all the rigging I have done, painting weights definitely has to be something I have quickly learnt well.

Once that was in place, I then proceeded to bend the fingers in the desired position and lastly duplicated it over (remembering to cleanly delete history, unbind the rig and freeze transformations).

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